Harmonische Freude musicalischer Freunde

Par l'ensemble : Le Banquet Céleste

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lundi 21 octobre 2019 à 20h00

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Harmonische Freude musicalischer Freunde

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Star singer and audience favourite Damien Guillon invites you to experience the music of the heavens. The countertenor and his ensemble Le Banquet Céleste have chosen to perform music by Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714). Sadly his operas have been lost, but his philosophical work Harmonische Freude musicalischer Freunde fortunately also included a number of arias. These arias, as well as his songs, illustrate the typical Baroque concept of ‘vanitas’: everything is transitory. By carefully varying the tempo and instrumentation of his songs, Erlebach gives each verse its own character. A unique musical treasure. Simon Pierre, Paul Monteiro violin Isabelle St-Yves viola da gamba Etienne Floutier violone André Henrich lute Kevin Manent-Navratil organ and harpsichord Damien Guillon countertenor and musical direction

Interprete principal :

Damien Guillon; Le Banquet Céleste

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