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abbaye aux dames - copieAbbaye aux Dames de Saintes, Stephan Maciejewski (France)


abg assurances - copieABG Assurances, Cécile Hugon Verlinde (France)


arsenal - copieArsenal de Metz, Michèle Paradon (France)


arsis - copieArsys Bourgogne et Rencontres musicales de Vezelay, Bruno Rastier (France)


GEMA - copie 2Associacion GEMA, Joan BoschGEMA (Spain)


BR - copieBayerischer Rundfunk, Thorsten Preuss (Germany)


berlin phil - copieBerliner Philharmoniker, Martin Hoffmann (Germany)


bolzano - copieBolzano Festival Bozen, Claudio Astronio (Italy)


bolzano - copieBolzano Festival Bozen, Monica Moro (Italy)


BRQ - copieBRQ Vantaa, Marta Schmidt (Finland)


bureauexport - copieBureauExport, Françoise Clerc (UK)


casa - copieCasa da Musica, Alexandre Santos (Portugal)


turchin - copieCentro de Musica Antica Napoli, Mariafederica Castaldo (Italy)


les elements - copieChoeur de Chambre les Elements, Laurent Adnet  (France)


classical next - copieClassical:NEXT, Jennifer Dautermann (Germany)


copen - copieCopenhagen Renaissance Music Festival, Björn Ross (Denmark)




copen - copieCopenhagen Renaissance Music Festival, Knut Aspegren (Denmark)


deutscher musikrate - copieDeutscher Musikrat, Christian Höppner (Germany)




donau - copieDonau Festwochen, Christian Moritz-Bauer (Austria)


dresdner phil - copieDresdner Philharmonie, Frauke Roth (Germany)




Eduardo Torrico, independent journalist (Spain)


aedes - copieEnsemble Aedes, Elisa Bresset (France)


akademia - copieEnsemble Akâdemia, Marianne Berthet-Goichot (France)


ebnEnsemble baroque de Nice, Laetitia Cardon (France)


crt circuit - copieEnsemble Court-Circuit, Sophie Lanoote (France)


crt circuit - copieEnsemble Court-Circuit, Hélène Le Touzé (France)


de caelis - copieEnsemble De Caelis, Jean-Marc Pezeret (France)


ensemble hope - copieEnsemble Hope, Marc-Antoine Millon (France)


fenice - copieEnsemble La Fenice, Stéphane Ségreto-Aguilar (France)


luclin - copieEnsemble Lucilin, Florence Martin (Luxemburg)


T M plus - copieEnsemble TM+, Véronique Bellin (France)


embaroquement - copieFestival Embaroquement, Marie-Do Trompette (France)


ribeau - copieFestival de Musique Ancienne de Ribeauvillé, Christian Langenfeld  (France)


royaumont - copieFondation Royaumont, Sylvie Brély (France)


royaumont - copieFondation Royaumont, Edouard Fouré Caul-Futy (France)


fborch - copieFreiburger barockorchester, Vanessa Sparwasser (Germany)


pavia - copieGhislierimusica and Pavia Barocca, Giulio Prandi (Italy)


pavia - copieGhislierimusica and Pavia Barocca, Federico Rinaldi (Italy)


Grandezze & Meraviglie Festival Musicale Estense - Modena - copieGrandezze & Meraviglie Festival Musicale Estense – Modena, Enrico Bellei (Italy)


hello stage - copieHello Stage, Bernhard Kerres CEO (Austria)


holland baroque society - copieHolland Baroque Society, Tamar Brüggemann (Netherlands)


IAMA - copieIAMA – International Artist Managers’ Association, German representative


handel festival - copieInternationale Händel Festspiele Göttingen, Tobias Wolff (Germany)


konzertdirektion - copieKonzertdirektion, Andrea Hampl (Germany)


camer - copieLa Camera delle Lacrime, Olivier Cornelius (France)




chambre phil - copie
La Chambre Philharmonique, Béatrice Vial-Deroyer (France)




chambre phil - copieLa Chambre Philharmonique, Michael Eriksat (France)




lettre spectacle - copieLa Lettre du Spectacle, Yves Perennou (France)            camer


main harmonique - copieLa Main Harmonique, Pierre Evreux  (France)


lv - copieLatvia Bach Festival, Aina Kalnciema (Latvia)


cercle de l'h - copieLe Cercle de l’Harmonie, Bernard Crozier (France)


palais - copieLe Palais Royal, Marie-Pierre Dupagne (France)


les passions - copieLes Passions, Pierre-Bernard Kempf (France)


les siecles - copieOcéane Drobnik, Les Siècles (France)


talens lyriques - copieLes Talens Lyriques, Lorraine Villermaux (France)


luce del canto - copieLuce del Canto, Simon-Pierre Bestion (France)


musicatreize - copieMusicatreize, Olivier Enguehard (France)


musica nova - copieMusicaNova, Florence Duperray (France)


musica nova - copieMusica Nova, Sophie Miczka (France)


chevrel - copieNagu’Art, Patrick Chevrel (France)


NCEM - copieNational Centre for Early Music, Delma Tomlin (United Kingdom)


Newstank, Benjamin Polle (France)     newstank - copie




oude - copieOude Muziek Festival Utrecht, Susanne Vermeulen (Netherlands)


PCL - copiePercussions Claviers de Lyon, Sophie Scellier (France)                    WME


social security - copiePrague Summer Festivities, Monica Novakova (Czech Republic)


pda nantes - copiePrintemps des Arts Nantes, Christophe Mangé (France)


pygmalion - copiePygmalion, Daniel Troman (France)


sagittarus - copieSagittarius, Glenn Guernalec (France)


smart eu - copieSmarteu, Sarah De Heusch (Europe)


semf - copieStockholm Early Music Festival, Anna-Katarina Schatzl (Sweden)


semf - copieStockholm Early Music Festival, Peter Pontvik (Sweden)


kenneth - copieValletta Baroque Festival and Teatru Manoel, Kenneth Zammit Tabona (Malta)


V mediaeval - copieVia Mediaeval Festival, Stefan Johaness Morent (Germany)


V mediaeval - copieVia Mediaeval Festival, Annette Herschelmann (Germany)


V mediaeval - copieVia Mediaeval Festival, Holger Wittgen  (Germany)


voix de stras - copieVoix de Stras’, Sophie Stern (France)








SPEAKERS [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"]—–———————————————

Michael Adick, Director of Finance and Administration at Mahler Chamber Orchestra  – Germany

michael adickMichael Adick studied law in Tübingen and Munich. After passing the first and second state exams he worked as a lawyer in Bavaria, Germany, focusing on the arts in his work from early on. Michael Adick began working at the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in 1999 and has been Director of Finance and Administration of the association since 2007. He is well acquainted with all aspects of the orchestra’s management and plays an important role steering the association together with the General Manager and the Board of the orchestra. Michael Adick is responsible for all matters which have a financial or administrative impact and makes sure that the legal framework of the orchestra’s activities is respected and that the budget is balanced. The internationality of the orchestra presents major administrative challenges with respect to the artists involved and the ensemble’s activities all over the world. Michael Adick works to identify the best structures for running the orchestra not only today but also for the future.


Yaële Aferiat, Association Française des Fundraisers  – France


Clothilde Chalot, NoMadMusic label  – France


Zenaida des Aubris, Amara Myanmar Reise – Germany

Zenaida_des_AubrisZenaida des Aubris is Consultant for International Cultural Events, living in Berlin.Born in Argentina, she has over 25 years experience in management and production of classical music in the United States, Europe and Asia. After her Masters in Sociology, she joined the San Francisco Opera in 1977.

Then she went on to become the personal manager of Jean-Pierre Ponnelle (1980-1988) and Lorin Maazel (1993-1997). In 1997/98 Zenaida des Aubris was General Project Manager of Puccini\’s « Turandot in the Forbidden City », Beijing, China.

2002-2004 she was general and artistic director of the new Hangzhou Grand Theater in China, as well as being involved in the inauguration of the new Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Spain during 2005-2006.

Thomas Demidoff, New Music New Audiences – Denmark

P.M. Thomas Demidoff photo 2Thomas Demidoff has extensive experience managing cultural project, particularly within music. He was the designer and leader of Denmark’s first 24-hour classical radio channel DR Classic from 2002, and was later responsible for developing new formats for classical music radio for the Danish Broadcasting cooperation from 2004 – 2007.

Thomas Demidoff has also worked for the City of Copenhagen with the development of the city’s outdoor spaces as event scene. Since 2009 he has led international projects under the EU Culture Fund. F

rom 2009 he was project manager for RE: NEW Music, and since 2011 he has led New Music: New Audiences, a pan-European project bringing together 47 music organizations in 17 countries in a cooperation on developing new platforms for the meeting between music and audience.

Sylvie Douheret, Cleiss – France

Stéphane Dorin, Researcher at CNRS  -France

565198bf1d620a2095823f.L._V387420668_SX200_Stéphane Dorin is Professor of sociology at the University of Limoges. He has specialized in the field of culture. He has conducted research on the globalization of jazz and rock music in South Asia and extensively studied the transformations of musical taste in the digital era. He published several articles on culture and music and is the editor of Sound Factory. Musique et logiques de l’industrialisation (editions Mélanie Séteun/Uqbar, 2012). He studied both statistically and ethnographically the audiences of the Ensemble intercontemporain, whose results appear in the edited book Trente ans après la Distinction de Pierre Bourdieu (P. Coulangean and J. Duval eds, La Découverte, 2013) and will be fully published in a forthcoming book in early 2015.

He is the scientific coordinator of the Research programme « The audiences of classical music in France in the digital age », in partnership with Fevis-Europe and several French musical institutions (2012-2014) and will be presenting the first results of this extensive study. He will be focussing on a comparative perspective on the evolution of classical music audiences in Europe and in the USA, based on statistical research. He will be introducing reflexions of the evolution of musical structures and their audiences in the digital age.

Séverine Garnier, journalist and editor of

s garnierClassical music is not has-been” is French journalist Séverine Garnier’s motto.

A web-journalist since 2001, Séverine writes artist portraits, music reviews and interviews as a free-lancer for national magazine « TGV Magazine » (readership > 1 million), for the « Sud Ouest », a major regional newspaper (readership > 1 million), and for several music marketing companies.

She also regularly gives lectures about modern and contemporary music at the Bordeaux National Opera.

In 2010 Séverine started her blog – – which is one of the most widely read and influential classical music blogs in France. She is an active Twitterati with over 1,000 users; follow her at @youkaalii

martin-hoffmann_largeMartin Hoffmann, Berlin Philharmoniker Germany

His Background:

Studies of law at the Universities of Saarbrücken, Lausanne and Hamburg, completing his studies with the bar examination in 1991. Research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law and lawyer in Hamburg. From 1994 to 1996 Director of the Sat. 1 Business Affairs. From 1997 to 1999 Managing Director of Sat. 1 Boulevard TV GmbH. From 1999 to 2003 Managing Director of Sat. 1 Satellite Television GmbH. From 2004 to 2010 Chief Executive Officer of the television production company MME MOVIEMENT AG. Since season 2010/2011 General Manager of the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation

Christian Höppner, Deutscher Musikrat – Germany


Born in Berlin in 1956, Professor Christian Höppner studied the ‘cello, music education and instrument teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin), afterwards completing a course in orchestral conducting.He has been the Secretary-General of the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat) since 2004, having been vice president for four years previously.

He has also been a visiting lecturer at the violoncello department of the Berlin University of the Arts since 1986. Between 1984 and 2004 he was head of the central community music school in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Professor Christian Höppner is the President of the German Culture Council (Deutscher Kulturrat), Honorary President of the Berlin Music Council (Landesmusikrat Berlin), former President of the Berlin-Spree Rotary Club, spokesman for the German Culture Council music department, programme committee chairman at the Cologne-based television station RTL, member and budget rapporteur of the Deutsche Welle (DW) programme committee, vice chairman of the DW Academy committee, chairman of the Carl Bechstein Stiftung board of trustees, member of the board of trustees of both the Frankfurter Musikpreis and the Young European Award, member of the advisory board of “ECHO – Deutscher Musikpreis” and chief editor of the music magazine Musikforum. He also represents the German Music Council at the German Commission for UNESCO. In addition to his role as artistic director of the Berlin Mozartorchester, Professor Christian Höppner is the principal guest conductor of the Brazilian chamber orchestra and the Camarata Musica antiqua chamber choir. Due to the extent of his work in music politics, he has not yet been able further pursue his orchestral work. In 2001, he received the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) from German President Johannes Rau for his commitment to musical life in Berlin. For more information visitwww.christianhö


Hans-Georg Kaiser, Freiburger Barockorchester – Germany

FBO 2007 Photo:Marco Borggreve FBO 2007 Photo:Marco Borggreve

FBO 2007 Photo:Marco Borggreve

Hans-Georg Kaiser was born in Stuttgart in 1961. Whilst studying in Freiburg and Trossingen (musical pedagogy, violin and choral conducting), he was busy as a violinist and first met Petra Müllejans and Gottfried von der Goltz. His increasing interest in music management led him to the Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG Classics label, where he was responsible for organising the ‘Musik auf Schloss Kirchheim’ festival and for marketing special projects. He has been active for the musicians of the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra since the summer of 1989, as Orchestra Manager for many years and now as Managing Director. He has initiated and implemented many important changes in this internationally successful orchestra during the 25 years that he has been active: a professional management for an orchestra, which grew rapidly from its student roots; sponsorship by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Freiburg as a ‘professional orchestra’; worldwide tours and productions – also with famous soloists and conductors; its own concert series at the Freiburg Concert Hall, the Stuttgart Liederhalle and the Berlin Philharmonie; as well as the extremely productive collaboration with the Harmonia mundi France label. As Managing Director of the Society of Friends of the Baden-Württemberg Ensemble Academy and the Foundation of the same name, Hans-Georg Kaiser has been a driving force in the completion of the Ensemblehaus  Freiburg: an internationally unique working place for the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and the ensemble recherche, which, for the very first time, brings together two top-class ensembles in historical and contemporary music under one roof, serving as incubator for new musical ideas and also as home of the jointly organised Ensemble Academy Freiburg. Hans-Georg Kaiser is also a member of the University Council of the prestigious Freiburg University of Music.


Bernhard Kerres, HELLO STAGE – Austria

bernhard-kerresBernhard is the founder and CEO of HELLO STAGE – the new platform for the classical music industry. HELLO STAGE connects musicians, their managers and promoters. In HELLO STAGE Bernhard contributes his network and experience in classical music, his C-level management career and his work in high technology industry. Bernhard Kerres was CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus for six years, a leading concert hall in Vienna. The Wiener Konzerthaus is owned by a private association and houses around 800 concerts and events every year. 440 of these concerts are programmed and promoted by the Konzerthaus itself. The Wiener Konzerthaus was founded in 1913 and provides a stage for many of the world’s most famous musicians. Bernhard is also President of Wien Modern, the festival for contemporary music. Before entering the business world, Bernhard was an opera singer and sang as a soloist among others with Agnes Baltsa and Jose Carreras. Bernhard Kerres holds an MBA from London Business School. He took part in the International Exchange Programme with the Leonard N. Stern Business School at New York University. He was elected Fellow of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and was honored with the Bernardo O’Higgins Order of Chile and the Austrian Cross for Science and Arts.

Marie Le Sourd, On the Move  Belgium


Marie Le Sourd is an experienced international cultural manager with an expertise on cultural mobility funding. She has had experiences with the Asia Europe Foundation, the Institut Français (Indonesia) and On the Move.

From 1999 to 2006 Marie Le Sourd was in charge of programme in the Cultural Exchange Department of the Asia-Europe Foundation based in Singapore (ASEF), particularly in the fields of young artists’ exchange, development of cultural policies and networks of cultural professionals. In September 2006 she joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working as the director of the French Cultural Centre in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Dick Molenaar, All Arts  – Netherlands

R&R Highschool - closeDick Molenaar studied fiscal economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam en defended his master thesis in 1988 before Prof. Leo Stevens. At the same time his first tax publication was published, “Artiesten en de Oort-wetgeving” in the Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht. 

Over the years he built up All Arts Tax Advisers and from 2000 till 2006 Dick Molenaar did his PhD-research at the faculty of fiscal law of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

In February 2006 he defended his PhD thesis “Taxation of International Performing Artistes” for a committee headed by his promoter Prof. Maarten Ellis.

Philippe Olivier-Achard, author and journalist  France

philippe olivier - copie

Philippe Olivier-Achard was born in 1952 ; he is French-German citizen. He is the acclaimed author of 25 books, essentially devoted to German and Austrian musical topics. One of his main focuses is the fate of the by the National-Socialism ill-treated composers and interpreters.

Olivier-Achard’s books La musique au  quotidien and Der Ring des Nibelungen in Bayreuth von den Anfängen bis heute were respectively prefaced by Pierre Boulez and the late Wolfgang Wagner. The author writes equally for Das Magazin of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra or for the Musikblätter of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1974, Philippe Olivier-Achard has lectured in Europe, in Japan, in the United States and in Israel. He is now living in Berlin. He is notably Knight of the French Légion d’honneur and holder of the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der Republik Österreich.

Philippe Olivier-Achard is currently translating in French Artur Schnabel’s autobiography for Editions Hermann, Paris. This project will be realized with the Akademie der Künste Berlin and the Artur Schnabel Music Foundation. He had previously translated in French books on Herbert von Karajan and by Paul Badura-Skoda or Mauricio Kagel, as the libretto of Daphne by Richard Strauss.

Andreas Richter, independent expert  Germany


Andreas Richter has worked for more than 18 years in leading positions in the orchestral world.

He is now general manager of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and has also worked as director of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin.

He specialises in developing strategies around artistic profile, fundraising and communications.

Frauke Roth, Intendantin Dresdner Philharmonie Germany

Jo Taylor, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre – UK

Jo TaylorJo is the lead consultant for key clients on projects such as segmentation and branding; empowering cross-disciplinary teams to develop audiences through a vision-led, audience-focused approach. Jo specialises in working in the performing arts sector.

Jo has a practiced track record of inventively engaging visitors and encouraging risk-taking through engagement with artists and programmers. She balances clear strategic thinking with first hand practical experience of the issues facing arts managers in daily life. She provides pragmatic support and confidence to organisations seeking to exploit the benefits of an audience-centric, insight-led approach.

Recent clients include the National Theatre, Curve, The Place, the Barbican Centre, London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia, Almeida Theatre, Artichoke, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse, the Eden Project, Chickenshed, The British Council, Goldsmiths College and Audiences Norway. Jo frequently delivers training, workshops and seminars.

Jo brings 18 years of applied experience in posts across a range of venues, producing, touring companies and arts festivals, most recently as Head of Marketing at Wales Millennium Centre. At Welsh National Opera, Jo won awards for Innovation and Creativity from the Institute of Direct Marketing (mailing tissues in place of letters). Jo is Chair of the Arts Marketing Association. Jo lives in the countryside where she enjoys cooking, reading, long walks and country pubs. These distractions mean that,regrettably, she spends hours not practicing the piano, despite early aspirations to be a concert pianist.

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Jacques Toubon, FEVIS  – France